Devin Kosloff, M.M.

Devin Kosloff, M.M

CDZ Collegium Musica is pleased to have Devin Kosloff M.M., Graduate of Portland State University, as one of our performing artists and educators. Devin is a dedicated teacher and performer with years of varied experience. Devin received his Master’s in Music Performance under renowned composer Bryan Johanson and Jesse McCann of the Oregon Guitar Quartet in 2017.

With a background rooted in rock and the soundtracks of video games from his childhood, followed by nearly a decade of Big Band, Salsa, and classical guitar Devin has a unique and novel approach to teaching and guitar repertoire. Over the course of his degree he started an after school guitar program through the Neighborhood House program in Portland, created arrangements of video game music for classical guitar, and gave a successful west coast concert tour. Currently a full-time private instructor of guitar to children aged 5-17, Devin is actively involved in broadening the appeal of guitar through his arrangements and diverse teaching experience. As one of CDZ-Collegium Musica’s music ambassadors, Devin presents interactive educational performance programs for K-12 on Musical Cultures, Conducting, Syncopated Rhythms, and Bach to Rock.

Word from Devin: 

In my 5 years of teaching guitar to dozens of students, it has been far too common an occurrence to ask a student what they know about music and the guitar only to have them express little to no direct experience. It is my hope that, through Collegium Musica’s outreach, we can reacquaint children with the creative and expressive power of music in order to add depth to their lives in all aspects in the future.