Welcome to Casa Della Zisa Collegium Musica

Casa Della Zisa Collegium Musica is a non-profit is a 501(c) non-profit dedicated to bringing community together through music and cultural exchange. Dr. Peter Zisa first created Casa Della Zisa in 2016 as a living tribute to his father, Joseph Zisa, who supported, shaped, and inspired Peter’s education and professional growth each step of the way. He founded Casa Della Zisa Collegium Musica as a way not only to honor his late father but as a way of sharing his legacy with the community by advancing the appreciation of music and education through public music performance, public lectures and community discussions on an array of subjects related to music, the arts, history, culture, and education. CDZ has grown substantially over the years and is proud to offer concert series each month, outreach to schools, and educational workshops on a variety of topics; i.e., cooking, yoga, card making, bee stewardship. CDZ is also committed to helping aspiring young musicians find quality instruments so they can further pursue their passion.

We invite you to visit our Performance page for upcoming events, and hope to have you come join us as we work to bring community together through the beauty of music and cultural expression.

If you believe in Music & Education – music in education, music as education, as cultural archeology, community building, and an opportunity to meet new friends, please consider contributing (volunteer help or donations) to CDZ Collegium Musica. Contact Dr. Peter Zisa at drpjzisa@gmail.com for more information.